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Flower Joy Cotton Face Mask

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Flower Joy Cotton Face Mask
Flower Joy Cotton Face Mask

These washable, reusable 100% cotton/linen fabric face masks are hand sewn with love in Los Angeles CA., to help keep you safe + healthy. Our collection is made from a combination of vintage cotton fabrics, as well as original 11:11 designs. 

These masks feature an inside pocket which can hold an optional filter. 

To fit as many faces as possible, we now offer a range of both Kids and Adult sizes!  Take a look at the size chart to see which size is best for your needs.  Note that the Width measurement is from one edge iof the mask to the widest point across the nose, and the Length is from the tip of the nose to the base of the chin:

(As a guide, Kids sizes fit these approximate ages: XS= 2-3, S=4-6, M=7-9, L= 10-12)

Flower Joy is an original design by @jamilastarwater, and is printed in the US on durable yet breathable organic linen/cotton fabric.  The lining is 100% cotton.

Please Note: 

We will be producing masks as long as needed and with whatever appropriate fabric we have available. Quantities are limited of any given print- once a print is sold out, it may not be back in stock.  Variations will occur within each print; we do not guarantee products to match photos exactly.

Please know that our masks are not direct substitutes for surgical or N95 masks and are not FDA approved. Our masks, if used correctly, will help contribute to lessening person-to-person droplet transmission. 

Suggestions for use:

1. Our mask comes with a pocket made for an optional filter. You can use vacuum bags, or even coffee filters to cut in to DIY filters if needed. If you use a filter be sure to change it after each use. 

2. To increase the effectiveness of the mask, you can use double sided tape on the bridge of the nose area.

3. Wash the mask in hot water before using for the first time and after each use. 


This is a personal use item and thus cannot be returned. 

Sorry no discounts can be applied on this product. 

For all larger scale needs, please reach out to us at


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