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Guest Artists

Sat Puran Fran Gealer

Sat Puran is an amazing human being and a gifted photographer, collage artist and yogi based in Los Angeles. We are very excited to be offering two of her original collages on our notebooks and cardholders, with more to come! She works and teaches at Golden Bridge Yoga and can be reached through her blog - http://frangealer.tumblr.com/

Yogi Bhajan Collage NotebookGuru Nanak Collage Notebook

Her products on our website can be found here.

 "I have been taking photographs and working with images since I was about seven and still have the very first camera I ever shot with...a brownie box camera handed down to me from my dad. 

I spend a lot of time traveling and I find that India is the place closest to my heart. The light, colors, and textures there are a great inspiration and so I return over and over....

I love the magic of collage...combining images with reverence to create a new path, a new spirit, a new breath."


More artists to come!

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