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Jamila at 11:11

 My name is Jamila and 11:11 enterprises is my dream come true.

 Once upon a time, long long ago (2003)  in a land called Brooklyn, a naïve art school graduate was waiting tables by day and making insane handbags by night. She dreamed of having her own accessories business but the dream seemed impossible. Head in the clouds, stars in her eyes, rent always a month late.. Until one day she decided to try selling some wallet experimentations she had sitting around. A nervous wreck, she packed them up along with a folding table in her granny cart and went down to the corner of Bedford and North 7th St. A light bulb went off over her head that day- she could make a business with this! A few months later she was selling her little wallets and card holders  to Urban Outfitters and stores across the country. And the rest is history....

Ya! True Story

Jai Gopal + Jamila in Paris !Actually it sounds all sweet but its been one helluva ride. I had no idea how hard running a small business would be, thank goodness because if I did I would never have had the guts to start! I hobbled along for years doing everything completely backwards but gosh darn it I was making a living somehow.. Then in 2008 I teamed up with the love of my life Jai Gopal Khalsa. Working together has been the best thing to ever happen to this little business, as we've grown every year since, recession be damned! 

Made by hand in California

 We are based now in Los Angeles and all our products are designed and made here with lots of love and care. My favorite thing in the world is collaging imagery and so many of the designs come from that love, as well as my curated collection of vintage and eclectic imagery from all over the planet. Our business is growing every day but we are still very much a mom and pop kind of operation with just a hand ful of loyal worker bees. We really appreciate each and every customer, so thank you!

More to the Tale

 I always wanted 11:11 enterprises to be a transformational force for good in the world. I never knew how that would actually work out, since I am basically a wallet maker. As the years went on and my awareness expanded, I began to see my products as little emmissaries of inspiration. When you carry an 11:11 accessory , you carry a piece of my dream made real – a little victory you can hold in your hand. May they serve you well and remind you of the dreams you can make real, too.
Thanks for reading,

P.S. If you are wondering what the name 11:11 means - read this!

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