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Crazy Giant Pyramids at The Bottom of The Bermuda Triangle

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Okay so we saw this on facebook and it's MIND_BLOW-ING.  Supposedly there are these giant pyramids under the bermuda triangle that are made of glass or something like that.  It's said that they are bigger than the one's in egypt.  I personally think this could explain the numbers of disappearing ships and aircraft that travel to the bermuda triangle.  

"Perhaps overshadowing the discoveries of the tomb of King Tut and Troy is the discovery of Atlantis. Now two bold scientists, Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki, say they have found it. They discovered the ruins of the ancient city submerged off the coast of Cuba. In the distant past the region was dry land, but now only the island of Cuba remains above water. The ancient city is 600 feet below the ocean and the team of researchers led by Zalitzki Weinzweig is convinced that it is Atlantis, the city lost by more than 10,000 years. Two scientists, Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki, working off the coast of Cuba in a submersible robot, have confirmed that there is a huge city on the ocean floor. The site of the ancient city – including several sphinxes and at least four giant pyramids and other structures – is surprisingly within the boundaries of the legendary Bermuda Triangle. " - Before It's News - Bermuda Triangle

 There are many amazing documentaries about the mysteries surrounding the paranormal activities occurring in the triangle, including this one: 


Or this documentary (45 min) 


One thing is for sure-- strange things happen in the bermuda triangle.  Perhaps it's secret technology that's being used by secret segments of the government, perhaps it's simply some mysterious natural phenomenon.  However, if there was a structure in the triangle like a giant glass pyramid, positioned in a natural magnetic earth vortex, it could be an explanation or the beginning of one.  Perhaps it's left over from Atlantis.  Perhaps it was put there.  Who knows.  It sure is fun to explore the possibilities.  

Of course there are these blogs, like, which boo-hoo this as a hoax.  Then again, there is speculation that Snopes has outside influences by people who want to control the information it puts out.  Think about it-- snopes is a very popular place where people go to fact check urban myths and it has developed quite a reputation.  Snopes claims that they are 100% independent but I am a skeptic.  There's just too much at stake and of course I'm a big conspiracy person.  How can you not be in this information age?  There's just too much fun conspiracy stuff out there!!!  But I digress...

Let's assume for a moment that it were actually true that these giant pyramids existed on the bottom of the ocean!  Don't you think that the government would want to keep it a big secret so they could use it for what it is?  What is it?  Well it's long been known that the pyramids are an energetic structure.  It has to do with the electro-magnetic field of the earth.  They are on power points.  Basically the earth is a big spinning magnet and the field is like a grid.  Some places it's stronger and some places it's not.  These are called vortexes and that's where the energy is the strongest.  The pyramids are one of those places.  I guess I just really want this to be true.  I remember growing up fascinated by the bermuda triangle.  There was always this mystery about the craft that would go missing around there.  It would boggle my mind that something could just disappear.  Could I disappear also?  


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