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  I made this little PSA last year for facebook and since we are heading in to the holiday shopping season I thought it would be a good time to repost. Also I just updated our stores page! We sell to independent retailers all over the United States ( and a few in far off lands!) and I encourage you to visit them if you live nearby! Tell them 11:11 sent you ;) Click here to see the stores in near you that carry 11:11 products! Thanks so much for supporting independent small businesses like mine this holiday season!  ...

Luggage Tag Favorites


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It's time to book your tickets for holiday traveling!! Therefore... you need these. haha. I made a little round up for you of my fav luggage tags from the 12 we just created and released last month. I am so so excited about these. I spent a long time finding the perfect materials for them -- they are oversized ( never lose your bag!) and extremely sturdy.                                                                                   ...

Our New Colllection is LIVE!!


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I am overjoyed (and totally relieved) to be presenting you with our brand new 2013 fall / winter collection today. The whole process takes a while and involves many steps.. so the day I get to bring it online and to YOU, dear reader, is a very special one. Like I say in the new collection intro here, this collection has a theme but I'm just not sure what exactly that is.. haha. I think it has something to do with the secrets of the universe being completely obvious and in front of us all the time, if only we...

all play and no work...


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so i was clearly lying when i said the new collection would be out soon.. oh well. it really will be launching online soon but you don't have to believe me. join my mailing list to be the first to know. it's within the next week.. promise... things got a little hectic with lots of travel this past month. i was feeling kind of guilty about all the slacking off but you know what.. f that noise. a girl has gotta live and there is more to life than wallets.. even 11:11 ones..;) we went to Utah where my husband...

the new collection is almost here


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just a shadowy sneak peak of our new collection!!! i snapped this pic of these samples waiting to get photographed on my desk the other day. I am so so so excited to share all of them with you soon.. less than a week? be on my mailing list to be the first to know :)