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Feeling like Sunday


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Well yesterday was amazing. I actually really enjoyed my White Tantric experience which is not always the case. Its always powerful and very clearing but sometimes processing all the emotions and dirt that comes up can be very difficult. Very very difficult.  The past few I've done made me feel so much anger and rage, emotions I rarely have felt in my life, so you can understand that I don't always look fwd to the experience. To continue the bad metaphors from the previous post, meditation is like taking out the trash- sometimes it stinks on the way out but...


I never used to understand meditation. It bored me to think about it. Now I see it kind of like brushing your teeth, except you're cleaning your mind instead. It's something to do everyday or else you get the stink breath....Luckily with Kundalini yoga we have thousands of meditations to use so it's not one size fits all.. sit there with your eyes closed and be still....although that's good tooo...... more later, gotta go do the equivalent of a massive dental cleaning...White Tantric!]]>

Don't hit the snooze button on NOW


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This picture just says it all doesn't it. I am very guilty of this. My tide has turned though I tell you and it's all about taking FULL ADVANTAGE of the moments, that make up the minutes, hours and days of our months and years. Time is going faster and faster and it's not just because we are getting older, though that's true too, Lord I'm going to be 30 in 3 weeks! I know that either seems really old to you or like nothing, a baby still! Well, it seems like a big shift to me, and honestly all...

The best reflexology chart for you


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Yes, I could use a foot rub. Isn't this chart great though. You should go print this out and rub your honey's feet. or your own.  The human body is so awesome. (Thanks Tej for the chart)]]>

I've been feng shui- ing


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So my office happens to be in the prosperity section of the house, luckily enough,. This section of my life could use some pumping up if you know what i mean so i had some fun the other day with it. Gold, Red, Green and Purple are powerful colors for this area so I went diving into my inspiration bins and this is what happened: ]]>