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Santa Fe Adventures


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We recently had the chance to pass through Santa Fe on our way home from the summer solstice yoga celebration we go to every year in New Mexico. It's a pretty intense and beautiful experience and it's so great to have an excuse to go to the 'land of enchantment' on the regular. Here are a few instagram photos I snapped on our way through this gorgeous town-    ok first things first, can we talk about the New Mexico Chile situation!??! and the Chilaquiles!! OUT OF CONTROL. After a week of yogi food in the desert i think this is...

HAPPY 11/11/11 !!!!!!!


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(Apple Goddess- from my brand new collection - available in art prints , notebooks and cardholders - soon!)   Oh my goodness tommorow ( today by the time you read this?)  is an epic day for me!  When I first started this business 8 years ago 11/11/11 seemed so far away it was impossible to imagine.. For many years I've been celebrating November 11th with a gusto usually reserved for "bigger" holidays... it is Remembrance day... and a day to celebrate peace on all levels... and I would always dance around in merriment and think about how far I've come...

Adventures in many realms...

Jai Gopal Khalsa

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Riding the rabbit on the way home from Solstice These guys saved my brothers life. True heroes. Lovely courtyard Mary statue in front of the 19th Century Catholic church that we did the yoga training in Well its been a summer to remember. INTENSE is a good word. First it was the epic Summer Solstice experience in June ... which isn't exactly on topic for this blog but lets just say it was the most radically loving magical real experience this year. Then in July  my brother Rio had to jump from a burning building so we spent our east...

All Heart Yoga Workshop @ Golden Bridge!


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I am very excited to present the flyer for my husband Jai Gopal and I 's first workshop teaching together, if you don't count the prison we taught at together a few years ago! That was fun but this is going to be a heart opening spectacular! My husband is a genius, and I am a heart enthusiast, so this I promise you is going to be a wing ding good time. Join us! ]]>

Just Showing Up

This is a long winded post  where I relate a recent experience involving 11:11 the time, yoga, business and what can happen if you just SHOW UP for life. It happened to me... There can be a potent relationship between yoga and business on a personal level- these are not 2 separate subjects! In fact , the only way I am still in business after 7 years is because of the peace I get from my daily practice. Its simply too stressful being an entrepeneur without something to balance it out- and after years of being a fall down drunk...