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Summer time travels !


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HELLO !!!! . We've been lucky to travel a little bit this summer - here are a few pics from our adventures... . We stayed for a week on a Garlic farm near Taos, New Mexico.. Jai Gopal even got to help harvest this field of Garlic one of the days. We came across this idyllic little scene on a walk one day near Dixon, NM I love this picture of Jai Gopal ! I think it expresses what a magical person he is really well ! This Rio Grande gorge bridge is no joke. We took the scenic route...

Luggage Tag Favorites


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It's time to book your tickets for holiday traveling!! Therefore... you need these. haha. I made a little round up for you of my fav luggage tags from the 12 we just created and released last month. I am so so excited about these. I spent a long time finding the perfect materials for them -- they are oversized ( never lose your bag!) and extremely sturdy.                                                                                   ...

all play and no work...


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so i was clearly lying when i said the new collection would be out soon.. oh well. it really will be launching online soon but you don't have to believe me. join my mailing list to be the first to know. it's within the next week.. promise... things got a little hectic with lots of travel this past month. i was feeling kind of guilty about all the slacking off but you know what.. f that noise. a girl has gotta live and there is more to life than wallets.. even 11:11 ones..;) we went to Utah where my husband...

Luggage Tagssssssssssssss


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Omg. It finally happened. We made luggage tags. To the average observer it would seem creating a new product out of thin air would be a fairly easy affair. When I started my business I thought it would be so simple. Hahhahaha. I thought a lot of things.  But these tags.. these tags we have been working on for at least 2 years. I was visiting my dear family in Chicago around Christmas 2011 while I was in town for the Renegade Show. My aunt is an airline stewardess extraordinaire and is a big fan of our passport cases. She...

Santa Fe Adventures


Tags Travel Dreams, Yoga + Awesomeness

We recently had the chance to pass through Santa Fe on our way home from the summer solstice yoga celebration we go to every year in New Mexico. It's a pretty intense and beautiful experience and it's so great to have an excuse to go to the 'land of enchantment' on the regular. Here are a few instagram photos I snapped on our way through this gorgeous town-    ok first things first, can we talk about the New Mexico Chile situation!??! and the Chilaquiles!! OUT OF CONTROL. After a week of yogi food in the desert i think this is...