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11:11 Enterprises Blog — Supermarket Safari

Flip + Tumble bags


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I was so excited when we started selling these excellent bags last year on our website. They are the only reusable grocery bags that easily fold up into a cute little ball! I find that it is easy to always remember my bags at the market or grocery store because I can just always keep a few in my purse, rather than always trying to remember to grab them from the trunk. Plus they come in great colors, are super durable, and they are cheap! Check em out here! ._________________________________. ._________________________________________________. We did this photo shoot last fall ( check...

Supermarket Safari : Shun Fat Market


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One of our favorite pastimes over here at 11:11 enterprises is strolling supermarket aisles. I've loved this for as long as I can remember. It's a visual safari of eye pleasing delights! I love it all - the standard Ralphs and Albertsons, the health food stores of all stripes... Indian Japanese and Thai Markets.. however every once and while we stumble upon a true Market of Gems such as we did tonight in Monterey Park , here in LA.  After a truly delicious meal at Happy Family Vegetarian Restaurant,  we decided to walk off the All You Can Eat amazingness...