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    11:11 headquarters before and after pics!!!

    Posted on 4 comments
    At the end of last year I had a vision that I needed to completely re- arrange and redecorate our office / living space rather than move. Ever since we...

    Hurray for Springtime, Seeds, and Business Plans

    Posted on
    Don't fight forces, use them. Buckminster Fuller Don't ignore forces, use them. Me Hot dog! It feels like spring time finally. Yes I live in Southern California, yes I am...

    Just Showing Up

    Posted on 3 comments
    This is a long winded post  where I relate a recent experience involving 11:11 the time, yoga, business and what can happen if you just SHOW UP for life. It...

    weekend show report + tips

    Posted on 3 comments
    Well this Unique LA show just gets better and better. I love it when show organizers listen to feedback and continually improve on the system to create a better and...

    Making the best of it: an office upgrade

    Posted on 2 comments
    I finally have gathered the photos and the courage to show you my office before and after pictures. Remember that post I wrote a month or so ago about how...

    Tackle your TAXES !!!!

    Posted on
    I've been trying to avoid writing this post all morning. I don't like taxes, I don't understand all the rules, and the whole subject just makes me want to go...

    The power of REST

    Posted on 6 comments
    Hey this is for all you over achievers out there. Ya I'm talkin to you! In my exploration of rhythm, and finding it, I have realized how important giving your...

    Time Poverty: Freedom in 4 steps

    Posted on 5 comments
    Doesn't it seem like weeks pass as months used to and days now pass like hours? I am constantly amazed by how fast my days fly by, and honestly I...

    Selling on Venice Beach- My Advice

    Posted on 77 comments
    ***Much more current info about Venice boardwalk selling has been posted by readers towards the bottom of the comments thread for this post- check it out**** There seems to be...

    Jamila's Twitter Guide for Culture Lovers

    Posted on
    So I've noticed a whole lot of Twitter guides lately and thought I would write one from my perspective as a culture junkie. I posted something on my Facebook about...

    if you're a blogger..

    Posted on
    then sign up for this "31 days to build a better blog" from We are on day 5 or something already but it is soooo great and not too...

    11:11 Custom company gifts!

    Posted on
    Sometimes companies that want something really original to give their clients call us. If you know any cool companies that would like to be even cooler, and give the coolest...

    My favorite designer/entrepreneur resource websites

    Posted on 1 comment
    My new friend Lesley over at asked me the other day to pass on any  helpful resources that I may know of  for an up and coming designer/ entrepreneur ....I was...

    Crisis of Credit Visualized

    Posted on
    I'm not sure why I can't seem to embed a youtube movie today, but anyway, you should click on this link an watch this short film on the "Crisis of...

    Thanks Lifehack!

    Posted on
    if you don't already know, Lifehack is this really great blog that has to do with being focused, efficient, and grounded in allll areas, therefore allowing you to KICK ASS....

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