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11:11 Enterprises Blog — Collage Fun

a wallet collage portrait


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. When I was going through my paper stash the other day I found this collage wallet design I made for a friend way back in 2003, when I first started doing this biz and was living in Brooklyn. This guy was a bartender at the restaurant I was working in. It was this place called Nar in Williamsburg on Berry and Metropolitan. It's not there anymore... I was really into making collaged items for people that were reflections/portraits of the person's energy, though I wouldn't have used those exact words about it at the time. I feel like if...

3 minute collage


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I've been diving into my inspiration chests ( i hoard bits of paper and imagery in big plastic bins) and have come up with alot of gems lately.]]>

I love you


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 My new gang. The Jamila Lightheart Posse. Watch out!! Love is coming to town.]]>

Obama for all!


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I made these all yesterday while I was watching the inauguration on the computer at my can find them on Etsy here! I am not done yet either! Check back for even more soon too.]]>

Calling All Obama related papers!!!


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I m realizing fast how successful the one of a kind Obama books are, and so I am putting out a call for any Newspaper/ Magazine/ Posters (with Obama's face in color preferably) , you may have laying around leftover from the campaign or since. Send them to me and I will Paypal you the cost of shipping or if you prefer and if you send enough I will send you a cardholder or book made from whatever goodies you send me, for FREE! Thats how much it would mean to me.]]>