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    the new collection is almost here

    Posted on
    just a shadowy sneak peak of our new collection!!! i snapped this pic of these samples waiting to get photographed on my desk the other day. I am so so...

    Wanna Win some 11:11 Holiday Goodies?

    Posted on 3 comments
    "The only thing that you will take through those pearly gates is what you've given away." --Marcia Moore Hey There Lover! Wanna win some 11:11 Goodies for the holidays? Announcing...

    This weekend! Renegade Craft Fun in LA

    Posted on
    My super cool cousin Ashley Wade will be here this weekend in my place- with a ton of new stuff. Come by and say hi!]]>

    Be Fortunate - Our First Commercial!!!!!!

    Posted on 3 comments a Big HUGE Thank You to: Director : Harimander Singh Director of Photography: Jeff Bollman Producer: Jai Gopal Singh Music composer : Adam Berry Editor: Harimander Singh Production Manager:...

    Rainy Days and and Nelson Puzzles

    Posted on 1 comment
    I bought this gem last night and now instead of doing any work I am interlocking Nelson's hair dos together. Its a great way to spend an afternoon let me...

    Holiday Salon- Downtown LA this Friday!!!!

    Posted on
    This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!!! We are even doing a cupcake walk- which in case you don't know is like a cross between Musical Chairs and Gambling-...

    So i've decided

    Posted on 3 comments
    that i would really really like to have a store. Not just ANY OLD store either- it would be like a EVERYTHING AWESOME kind of store. Maybe it should even...

    Back in Action

    Posted on
    So.....where do I begin. I don't even know. India was stupendous,fantastic, amazing, incredible, harrowing, beautiful, delicious and disgusting......It was eye popping. It was INTENSE. The past week I have just...

    On our way..

    Posted on 2 comments
    So, I am prepping now some new patterns to upload to Amazon- so excited! This beauty up above is on the roster too- If you can't quite get your honey...

    Help wanted!!!

    Posted on
    This is what I am looking for: One Awesome Intern  Seeking motivated and reliable individual that wants to learn about running and growing a small craft/ fashion business in a...

    Life is blossoming in a thousand different ways!

    Posted on 2 comments
    Patrick made these babies into a surprise  the other day.. Patrick's amazing students Karla and Patricia gave us this amazing wedding gift !!! Patrick made the MOST amazing spicy dark...

    from flowers to fruit love

    Posted on
    I went over to my friend Kat's ( from the awesome Handmade Store on a Bike) house the other day in Echo Park to talk about the booth we are...

    Thanks Mom and Dad Lacho!

    Posted on
    My husbands parents sent us these flowers the other day out of the blue! I was so touched! Such a beautiful gift. I have always been the kind of girl...

    a beautiful walk + earth day beef

    Posted on
    Green swaths sponge soft texture on to gravel hills a patch of wheat arms stretch out their golden lantern hands glowing empty our noses tell us the air has just...

    Dream airplane home!

    Posted on 2 comments
        It's at a resort in Cost Rica. You can rent it out. This place is so in my future.  Thanks Jenny for sending and giving me another goal...

    Nina's list

    Posted on
    My awesome and hugely inspirational friend Nina IM'ed me her quick inspiration list today so I thought I would share it with you too! phonographs tokyo proper english ladies tea...

    Inspiration Monday

    Posted on 2 comments
    Quick! List 11 things that inspire you today! Don't think just write. Here are mine: Seaweed Orange Depression era glass Sex facts (this requires explaining but too bad) Pickle recipes...

    New online mag you really should look at:

    Posted on
    If you haven't yet seen this, go now and look, its a (free) feast for the eyes: ]]>

    11:11 enterprises reviewed!

    Posted on posted a review of 11:11 with an interview of yours truly on his super eclectic and cool blog! Check it out here. Thanks Franco!]]>

    Feeling like Sunday

    Posted on
    Well yesterday was amazing. I actually really enjoyed my White Tantric experience which is not always the case. Its always powerful and very clearing but sometimes processing all the emotions...


    Posted on 2 comments
    I never used to understand meditation. It bored me to think about it. Now I see it kind of like brushing your teeth, except you're cleaning your mind instead. It's...

    I used to read this poem alot.

    Posted on
    Then I fell madly in love with my husband and stopped waiting. I am dedicating this to my dear Nina today. I love you!]]>

    Unique LA show May 2 3 !

    Posted on
    We'll be there (booth 313!) with a ton of new imagery rich goodies and sharing a booth with the fabulous Monster Kat of Handmade Store on a Bike!  I'll have...

    Don't hit the snooze button on NOW

    Posted on
    This picture just says it all doesn't it. I am very guilty of this. My tide has turned though I tell you and it's all about taking FULL ADVANTAGE of...

    Roses Galore!

    Posted on
    I stop and smell the roses, often. I love love loveee roses, almost like one would love a pet or a poem. They are such royal and deeply symbolic flowers....

    if you're a blogger..

    Posted on
    then sign up for this "31 days to build a better blog" from We are on day 5 or something already but it is soooo great and not too...

    Realm of Bloom

    Posted on
    Happy Easter! Spring reminds me of pastel cakes and happy treat delivering bees!  I hope your having a "LEISURE-TIME LOVE"  kind of day!]]>

    a wallet collage portrait

    Posted on
    . When I was going through my paper stash the other day I found this collage wallet design I made for a friend way back in 2003, when I first...

    Life is just so..full!

    Posted on 1 comment
    I love this ad, and I don't even know what it says or condone smoking glamour...I have so many amazing vintage ads and random designs scanned I was thinking about...

    I hope this happens the next time I go to the train.

    Posted on 1 comment

    So the Crafty Ladies Guild meeting was..

    Posted on
    AWESOME!!!!!!!! I was seriously high on craftiness. Well, actually, I was super high after that Yoga for Creativity Class, Thank you Ally for teaching with me and making it super...

    The best reflexology chart for you

    Posted on 2 comments
    Yes, I could use a foot rub. Isn't this chart great though. You should go print this out and rub your honey's feet. or your own.  The human body is...

    I've been feng shui- ing

    Posted on 1 comment
    So my office happens to be in the prosperity section of the house, luckily enough,. This section of my life could use some pumping up if you know what i...

    11:11 Custom company gifts!

    Posted on
    Sometimes companies that want something really original to give their clients call us. If you know any cool companies that would like to be even cooler, and give the coolest...

    Yoga for Creativity Crafty Ladies Guild Sunday!

    Posted on
    I am getting so excited for this weekend. On Sunday I am hosting 2 events at our new place, Yoga for Creativity and the first ever Crafty Ladies Guild meeting!...

    3 minute collage

    Posted on
    I've been diving into my inspiration chests ( i hoard bits of paper and imagery in big plastic bins) and have come up with alot of gems lately.]]>

    The BEST CARROT CAKE recipe !!

    Posted on
    I promised the guests at our party last sunday to post the recipe for the carrot cake I made. ( I threw my husband Patrick a surprise party, it was...

    shipping container homes!

    Posted on 2 comments
                  Yes please! I'll have one, thanks. See more here.]]>

    My favorite designer/entrepreneur resource websites

    Posted on 1 comment
    My new friend Lesley over at asked me the other day to pass on any  helpful resources that I may know of  for an up and coming designer/ entrepreneur ....I was...


    Posted on 1 comment
    We moved recently and its been so freeing!!!!!! I've taken some pictures to give you a peek into my new life , check them out here. I know I make...

    I love you

    Posted on 4 comments
     My new gang. The Jamila Lightheart Posse. Watch out!! Love is coming to town.]]>

    Craft Talk Music Video!!

    Posted on 2 comments
    Thanks to Jenny for sending this over. This video is making it possible for me to work today. So perfect and funny.]]>

    Hello Darling

    Posted on
    This is how I feel today. I was inspired by this awesome website- Sleeveface.]]>


    Posted on
    Pourable sunshine?! Salad Cream? Has anyone tried this product?Sounds too good to be true. We found this last night along with many other international treasures at our local Albertsons. We...

    Airstream dream

    Posted on
    Will someone please buy this for me today? Here is the link ok. Thanks! Love you!]]>


    Posted on]]>

    I want a hobbit house too!

    Posted on 1 comment
    This will have to wait until we leave LA however...I think. Click here for all the details, and to see the inside! ]]>

    I want to plant a Victory Garden!

    Posted on 2 comments
    I was poking around the internet this morning and came across this radio show and this Wiki page about Victory Gardens. I am going to try to tune in to...

    Tahiti Boy and The Palm Tree Family

    Posted on
    My friend Leif sent me this gem yesterday. I don't know how I've never seen or heard of this until now! Brilliant.]]>

    I HEART BISCUITS!!!!!!!!

    Posted on 2 comments
    I made these biscuits last night, I used this recipe here as my guideline, because it was the only one I could find that didn't use a ton of butter...

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