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Late Summer 2018 update

Jamila Starwater Tazewell

Just dipping in here once or twice a year to share bits of inspiration and news because lets be honest.. who reads blogs anymore? But for the handful of you that may come across this page.. I'm very glad you are here and so grateful for your attention :)

I am in the middle of redesigning this website and you may come upon this post once this task has been done and the fruits of my labor unveiled! What happened was, that I started Starwater Yoga last fall and any hope of keeping the 11:11 website up to date was dashed for quite a while. It turns out that starting a new business creates twice as much work and monthly costs but it will take a little time before there is twice the reward;) So, we are a small team and the fact is that not everything beyond just filling orders gets done right away! But we are excited to be turning a corner now finally and paying some long overdue attention to this website! I'm also super excited to be unveiling 48 new luggage tag designs and a handful of other brand new patterns soon..

I started 11:11 in 2003 which was an entirely different era when it comes to technology. We didn't have phone cameras and no one was shopping online. I remember it was quite an effort to even have a website back then and social media was Friendster and Myspace !

So with that in mind.. I think we are doing pretty good for even still existing as an independent business that offers unique products made in the USA.. Each year it seems to get less and less small business friendly in this country but luckily we are always getting access to more and more technology that truly can empower the little guy - if used correctly ! Perhaps you can relate?

Anyways, if you are still reading this.. thank you. Thank you for supporting small creative businesses, it means the world.

Much love,



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