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new designs in progress!



I'm in the middle of a big design push. It is usually my favorite part but right now I'm feeling a little stuck to be honest. I wanted to give a little update anyway though since its been so long ! 

First up, the classics revisited..


This is one of my most valuable books, purchased from a thrift store in Carrboro North Carolina! It's because some of my most successful kitties have been found here - all the royals descend from this gem. I'm talking pink royal kitty, green kitty and gold kitty! I've got a new galactic kitty in the works.. stay tuned..

sports stamps

These are some stamps I found at a flea market in Paris last year! I bought tons of them since our Travel Stamps passport case and luggage tags have become such big sellers. We'll see what other vintage postage stamp magic I can conjure up...

I went to the Beverly Hills Public Library yesterday for some imagery hunting on my new bicycle ! I will have to save all those gems for another day but wanted to share this screen shot with you so you can get an idea of the insanity ! Lots of fun vintage prints to play with and those carnation bouquets were OUT OF CONTROL ! Just getting started sorting through but wanted to give you a peek.

inspiration clouds

While we are on the subject of inspiration on phones.. I think some of my best work is done via the Layout App. Seriously.. what you can do in a few seconds on a phone is light years from what I could have even imagined a few years ago.. Which means that the options for creatives is just through the roof... but we just need to focus! and by we I mean ME :))) but anyway..

yoga mats in progress

I'm also working on creating some new yoga mats ! I've been digging deep into my inspiration wells and having fun seeing whats been coming out.. I have a bit more work to do to create what I am envisioning but there has been some progress! We are also working on getting the yoga mats made with new materials so looking forward to a relaunch asap !

Thanks for visiting... your eyeballs mean a lot to me! haha you have no idea lol. I am excited to see what happens in the next few weeks.. we have hired some great new people and are starting to implement some big changes around this sleepy little office.

Thanks again and stay tuned :)



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