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Introducing.. a Surprise in every Box!

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We made this commercial in 2010 but are releasing it today for the first time - on 11/11/13 ! This gem got delayed in post production a little bit and then I got majorly distracted for oh , a few YEARS... but better late than never right guys?!   We made 3 commercials in one weekend with some friends and it was a blast! You can see the other two we did here on our press page. This one we did last, on Sunday morning, and we transformed our kitchen into the set you see here. It was a extremely unique +  fun experience that I will never ever forget. Super grateful to our friend and the director of these commercials Harimander for his creativity, sense of humor and for making it happen!


Director :  Harimander Khalsa

Cinematography:  Jeff Bollman

Producer: Jai Gopal Khalsa

Set Decoration : Ashley Wade + Rachel Gold

Set prop maker: 11:11  , and Trader Joes and I collab'd on the cereal box!

Actors :  Jessica Hagan + Brad Ackerman

Special thanks to Gurujas Khalsa !!!






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