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The Secret of the Donut


donut secret notebook

Ok first of all. DONUTS. ARE. SO. BEAUTIFUL. That is why I had to make this new donut secret print. I freaking love the way donuts look. Ok I love the way they taste also, but since I am health nut I don't eat them very often. I named this design "Donut Secret" because a donut is basically an edible Torus . A torsion field is basically a way to describe a magnetic field, which is the basis of all life. Everything in existence is either a torus or part of a torus. The earth has an electromagnetic field and so do you. Your chakra system is a living swirling ever changing donut. You are a living breathing pastry made of stardust and light. Since very few people see life from that perspective... it's still a secret.. but not for long!!!

donut secret checkbook

Our Donut Secret is available in a number of products so that you may always remember this illuminating fact! Check it: We have a Donut Secret Cardholder , Passport Holder, Checkbook Cover, Pocket Moleskine and Large Moleskine notebook!!


Donuts forever!



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