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all play and no work...


so i was clearly lying when i said the new collection would be out soon.. oh well. it really will be launching online soon but you don't have to believe me. join my mailing list to be the first to know. it's within the next week.. promise...

things got a little hectic with lots of travel this past month. i was feeling kind of guilty about all the slacking off but you know what.. f that noise. a girl has gotta live and there is more to life than wallets.. even 11:11 ones..;)

we went to Utah where my husband taught an amazing yoga bootcamp at our friends studio in St. George.  we even got a chance to go to Zion before it closed with some of my BFF's from college.. and then my folks came to LA and we escaped into the wild beauty that is Big Sur... what a dream..

packing for the maiden voyage with 11:11's  new luggage tags !!

check out this hottie we found on the insanely beautiful road from St. George to Zion

omg turquoise glass and gems everywhere in the cutest town on earth: Springdale, Utah

Dave and Rachel Chamberlain enjoying cheese sandwiches in heaven. i love these people. if you want to commission an exceptional portrait check out Rachel's new website (recently featured on dooce!)  and if you are a baller with exquisite taste in custom furniture check out Dave's portfolio

after we enjoyed the celestial sandwiches we took a walk that blew our minds.

then I had to go back to Los Angeles so Jai Gopal took me to the airport in Vegas. before my flight we had a super inspiring meeting with the founder of this start up in downtown Las Vegas, which is where Zappos just moved their offices. They are pioneering a transformation downtown by focusing on creating a vibrant interconnected and walkable community where there very recently was total sprawling drug addled decay.. I'm keeping my eye on the Downtown Project... it's the way of the future.

a few days later my parents landed on top of a hill in Malibu. they travel well.

after Jai Gopal got back we went on an adventure to Big Sur together and it was.... stunning

at Pfeiffer beach, which was blissfully quiet (thanks to the government shutdown), a portal opened into another realm, and it was pure magic

every inch enchanting. purple sand everywhere in patterns created by Missoni clad fairies

playing with my sea antlers....bliss.


so so so grateful. now back to work ;)

thanks for reading.


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