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Introducing TRAVEL yoga mats !


I'm so pleased to announce the launch of our new travel yoga mats! These beauties weigh only 2 pounds and fold up small, making them a perfect addition to your carryon. I've been testing mine out for a while and have taken it with me everywhere this year. I have the Green Prana Mandala one and it makes me feel at home whenever and wherever I use it!

Green Prana Mandala * Starwater Yoga Mat

in the park!

Starwater Yoga Mat by 11:11

in a hotel room in Russia !

Starwater Yoga Mat by 11:11

on a tiny patch of floor by a dreamy Paris window!

Starwater Yoga Mat by 11:11

on a riverboat cruise through France with my inlaws! The cruise director asked my husband Jai Gopal to teach a class on the top deck of the boat on the last morning! He played White Sun through the ships loud speakers as we cruised in to port at Arles. It was pure magic !

Starwater Yoga mat by 11:11

on the Italian Riviera ! This was probably the favorite travel mat location so far. This was an airbnb apt we found with 260 degree views overlooking the sea and next to the charming town of Recco - a city known for Focaccia! Heaven on Earth!

Starwater Yoga Mat by 11:11

at a Holiday Inn in Solana Beach, CA ! This thing goes everywhere!

Starwater yoga mat by 11:11

See how small it folds up! It's ready to go. 

These travel mats are Limited Edition! When we run out, they might be gone forever .. or maybe just a really long time. We are still working out the production for higher volumes. They come in 4 designs -- Green Prana Mandala, Flower Energy Mandala, Celestial Teacup + Lakshmi Rose Portal. Get them while they are here!

Lots of Love + Happy Travels 



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