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Thirteen (!!) Bird Theme Passport Holders


I am pretty sure we offer the most bird themed passport holders of any small California based accessories company.. or maybe any company.. anywhere?! ! I decided to round them up all here to prove it to you and as a handy dandy guide of sorts. About 10 years ago when I lived in Brooklyn and started 11:11 enterprises, I remember birds all of a sudden became the hot decorative theme. The thing is.. I don't think birds ever stopped being hot. Birds are HOT !! like FOREVER!  Even after getting made fun of on Portlandia ( put a bird on it) ... So here's our hot birds.. for your traveling pleasure. Enjoy!

Crow and Raven passport holder

one of the first designs i ever made with photoshop about 9 years ago!


Audobon Green Birds passport holder

this print is classic and a best seller since day 1

Hummingbird passport holder

another bird situation where i photoshopped the graph paper right in. loveeee graph paper!

Peacock passport holder

probably the best peacock that ever lived! peacocks have a lot of transformational power and this one is potent!

Ornate Bird passport holder

this is an early collage design, the background of this is something you would never guess- i used a photo of a sidewalk for the texture


Royal Birds Passport Holder

the Kookaburra birds of Australia and New Zealand are amazing. This design started as a simple black and white photo of these adorable birds sitting on the branch. The crowns are actual royal crowns from European royalty haha!

Purple Bird Map Passport Holder

This design is part of a series created from a fabulous old book that shows birds and the parts of the world they live in!

North Pole South Pole Bird Map Passport Holder

Another gem of a map showing the habitat of the fabulous Tern!


Blue Bird Map Passport Holder

The original bird map design!


Exotic Bird Passport Holder

This design comes from a print of a very old Turkish tile. I think this is one of the classiest most widely loved prints we make.

Orange Bird Map Passport Holder

The second in the bird map series and one of the most popular passport holders we make!

Magical Flamingo Passport Holder

This flamingo is all about the creative energy of the heart! One of my fav designs ever ever ever!




ok so I think that about covers it. Thirteen birds to help you in your travels! As always, thanks for reading and happy shopping!




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