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Creative time..



I started a new kind of to do list where I mark off each thing I accomplish in a day and then the lists get archived by the week. This way i have some idea of what i ACTUALLY do with my hours , my days, my weeks. My goal is for much more of those hours days and weeks to be composed of creative time.. when I started this business 10 years ago I had no idea that 95 percent of running a creative business is not actually really that "creative". To be successful in business requires intelligent systems and work flow. No one taught me that though so I had to learn the hard and slow way. I am finally learning how to delegate and create smart work systems though so I am slowly freeing my time up from the mundane. My heart sings with imagery. I love collaging so much. I know my real success will come when I spend more time on heart singing activities than not. This is my goal. And then the next level of the goal is.. to let my heart sing the rest of the time too. It's all good right..and life is short. 

Carpe Diem!

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