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Celebrating May Day!!!!! and some Floral Passport Holders, ETC

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 To all my fellow spring time lovers -- happy MAY DAY!!!!!!!!

I've been collecting May Day imagery and am excited to share some with you here today. Also in keeping with the spring time celebratory mood I am going to list my favorite floral 11:11 prints available as passport holders, cardholders  and notebooks etc! I also got curious to learn more about the history of May Day and May pole dancing and so of course i turn to my fav, wikipedia.. 

"The earliest May Day celebrations appeared in pre-Christian times, with the festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, and the Walpurgis Night celebrations of the Germanic countries. It is also associated with the Gaelic Beltane. Many pagan celebrations were abandoned or Christianized during the process of conversion in Europe. A more secular version of May Day continues to be observed in Europe and America. In this form, May Day may be best known for its tradition of dancing the maypole dance and crowning of the Queen of the May."

Ohhh the Queen of May... how totally romantic right?!

Guinevere as the May Queen... anddd she nails it..

So get this , May Pole dancing is so ancient that no one agrees on what its all about. Some say its a symbolic representation of our world continually turning and weaving as the seasons and years go by.. and every spring time the people are so overjoyed that the flowers and trees are coming to life again that they do a dance to symbolize the turning axis of the earth and its eternal spin through space and time! Sounds pretty righteous to me!

And for some charming May Pole Dancing illustrations..

So now here are some celebratory florals for ya.. would make great Mothers Day gifts! Just sayin...

The NEW Rose Plants Passport Holder! 

Also available as a Cardholder , Checkbook Cover, Small and Medium Moleskine Notebook!

The Darling Rose Cardholder

This is an old fav, so sweet and charming. A perfect gift for mom if you put a Spa gift card inside it!

The American Wildflowers Checkbook Cover !

Super sweet for any flower and spring time lover..

The Cactus Flower Passport Holder !

For a more southwest spring time flair...

And finally.. a May Day Parade! The sweetest thing I've ever seen!  

"The May Queen rules amid the blossoming hills and dales of the West. She holds high court before a joyous people in a shining fragrant realm. It is the eager bud-time of the year and all the world belongs to youth.."

Love to you.. Happy May and thanks for reading (and shopping)!



  • Erica Sandwall: June 03, 2013

    Love all the roses on the Darling Rose Cardholder!

  • Jill Jacoby: May 28, 2013

    I just love your vintage designs and May Day is a vintage day not recognized much anymore. I love the idea of dancing because it is Spring and the flowers are blooming. It seems Spring now has turned into a race to Home Depot to keep up with the Jones’!

  • Dorothy Teel: May 28, 2013

    Many eons ago in the early 60’s we lived in Hawaii as my dad was stationed there I remember that we had a May Day ceremony at the school, I remembe we all got to wear flower print skits and the boys wore lava, lava skirts and flowers were galore, it was the one and only time that we had a May Day celebration while I was growing up , was obviously fun since I still rmember it. I love your collection of May Day stuff..

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