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11:11 headquarters before and after pics!!!

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At the end of last year I had a vision that I needed to completely re- arrange and redecorate our office / living space rather than move. Ever since we moved to this apt 4 years ago I have been looking forward to the day we would move out. The space is a completely unremarkable 1950's Los Angeles apartment. We like it because the location is pretty central and convenient , its bigger than most other average LA apts.. and its CHEAP! by LA standards anyway... but like I mentioned before.. Its not very pretty , and I like pretty!!! But alas, I am a practical girl, with a big dream, and some times you have to make compromises and make the best of what you have.

I am really excited to show you what we did. I spent pretty much all of January on this. I went through every single thing we own down to the paperclips. It was exhausting and cathartic. It changed everything. I now walk into my home / office and am excited and grateful for the space and the task at hand. It's a HUGE difference... 

Now for the results!!!! Drumroll please....

My office before: SCARY!

This craziness was transformed into this super serene bedroom! OMG! Can you believe this is the same room?

So this was Jai Gopal's office before --

and this is what we turned it into! A super cozy "den" living room!

and then we turned our old living room into our office! We re arranged EVERYTHING!! Check out those labelled bins man!

and what I'm most stoked about.. my spot! I finally feel like I have the base command post I need to take 11:11 to the next level! 

I'm so excited!!!! I hope that this is inspiring for you too! If you don't like where you are - change it! A little Ikea and some hard work does wonders.. 


  • Peggy Munday: June 07, 2013

    I love your new space. Very creative and will be very inspiring to you as well. As a quilter, I couldn’t help but notice the quilt hanging on the new den wall – very nice. You did an excellent job organizing and decorating.

  • Renee Travis: June 05, 2013

    It is inspiring to see someone doing so much work to have great office space! :)

  • MonaG: May 28, 2013

    WOW! What a transformation! I love the living room and the bins. My mom has a money plant like that and it will eventually wind its way around her family room.

    I honestly couldn’t work in a space like your old office. I like order. Clutter is fine but it has to be organized clutter :)

  • Daljit: April 09, 2013

    Way way way inspiring magical lady. D

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