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expand your mind...and the new ASTRO-LOGICAL map passport cover design!

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vintage star map


NEW ASTRO-LOGICAL vintage map design from 11:11 ya'll!

available soon as a cardholder, checkbook cover, passport holder, small and medium Moleskine notebook!

Have you ever gotten your astrological chart read by a professional astrologer? If you want to get some serious insight into why your life is going the way it is.. why certain things turn you on and other things make you tick... why your challenges are what they are..blessings.. etc... CHECK IT OUT!!! I have had my chart read a few times, both eastern and western style. each time it was like the most detailed intimate revelations about my life. I highly recommend it. its totally different than reading your horoscope in the paper. Thats like comparing a tootsie roll to a molten lava flourless chocolate cake. I don't know but that was the best analogy i could come up with right now. 

Anyhow.. all this chit chat to properly introduce my new astrology inspired passport holder (etc..) design!

coming soon to this very website... stay tuned :)))

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  • huzaifa ahmed : July 20, 2013

    please tell me more about 11:11

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