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the Flamingo Rainbow Paradise Cardholder , Passport Case ETC!



So this is probably one of the most personal collages I have ever included in a collection. I mean.. it has me in it!!! Literally and figuratively. Literally as in thats me with the rainbow on the lower left hand corner! This pic was taken at Kaaterskill falls many many years ago and i think it might be one of my favorite pictures ever! I was travelling on the rainbow beam baby and have been ever since. Figuratively this collage is so me because I feel like the flamingo is my spirit animal. I am from Florida first of all, I love pink and I love this birds STYLE .... but its deeper than that. I just feeeeell like a flamingo you know. and then I looked up their spirit animal meaning and this is what i found: 

"Flamingo as a totem teaches the importance of balance. Pink is the color associated with the heart chakra, and the pink coloring in flamingos vibrate with heart center and emotional energies. The flamingo is a visionary who draws its power from water. When flamingo makes its appearance you may be needing to get in touch with your emotional being. Ask yourself if you are out of balance in some way. Are you leaning too far in one direction? The flamingo is a flamboyant and vibrant totem that offers joy and love. Flamingo teaches us not to be afraid to show our emotions."

Pretty right on in my case. Maybe you know a Flamingo too? If so this as a notebook or something would make a perfect gift ;)))))))

So anyway.. I hope you enjoy this latest sneak peak of the 2013 spring summer collection! Almost online.. very soon.. so excited!

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