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The Majestic Buck!!!


 OK another sneak peak! This one was one of the most inspired collages i've ever created.. and it just sort of flowed out of me as I was having a deep conversation with a good friend of mine on the phone. My friend Pam is a family practice MD in Beverly Hills and one of the most devoted Kundalini yoga practitioners I know. She teaches yoga at Yoga West in Los Angeles and also goes by her spiritual name which is Siri Shakti. Anyway, she and I were talking about a lot of things that night but I remember she was telling me about her new plan to offer her wide ranging healing skills and expertise via her new youtube channel and website. I will for sure post the links when she does because she is amazing and has a lot of really valuable information to offer. Anyway, when she was over at my office the other day, I showed her the design I did while we were on the phone - this one above. She was blown away because she has a special affection for deer antlers - which I had no idea about -- and isn't that pretty unusual of a thing to have an affection for? I also have a history with deer antlers too.. When I lived in NYC and was making handbags I made a collection of hand painted bags that featured bucks with magnificent racks , and roses. I was obsessed with the combination... What I didn't know then but I do know now, is that the buck antlers symbolize the higher connection and awareness of our intuition. We humans may not have magnificent horns on our heads, but we do have the spiritual antennae of our subtle bodies and we all have the ability to develop these innate powers. 

This collage also features the Ek Ong Kar symbol in the sun which means the creator of all is one! The connection of heaven and earth... the brillant sun and the falling stars.. this baby is deep.. hahaha. Anyway.. I hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit more about my process and how these collages come about. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.. the new collection including this design will be available online within a few short weeks~

Sat Nam


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