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Last show of the year! San Francisco Renegade!


 We are still reeling from the last 2 weekends of amazing shows but the final grand finale of holiday shows is yet to come! I have been packing all day and must say that even though I am completely exhausted I am still really excited to go to SF this weekend. Renegade is always a great show and the people in SF are the coolest, nicest shoppers around. I so enjoy meeting new customers and catching up with  all my long time supporters! It's totally encouraging and I am SO grateful for all the compliments, testimonials, and of course - the purchases!

Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco

Here are some pics from our instagram feed from the last few shows --

Star Wars Vintage one of a kind notebook by 11:11

one of the badass one of kind vintage Star Wars notebooks I made - and sold - last weekend.. but I made more!! They won't last long tho..

jamila at the unique LA show with 11:11

Looking out behind my booth at Unique LA of the cityscape of east LA from the 13th floor.

passport holders by 11:11

Some passport covers chillin on the table waiting to be scooped up!

Jamila and the lucky gold Cat at the 11:11 booth @ Unique LA

Me and my lucky gold Cat ! 

Hope to see you soon...

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