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Happy Halloween!

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OH MY GOD! it's almost halloween!! which means its almost CHRISTMAS!! brace yourselves people! It's going to be magnificent...:)

Don't eat too much candy, but eat at least one piece for me ok ( nutritionist said no sugar or flour for 6 months! YA!) Maybe some day I'll get to celebrate halloween with everyone again and dress up etc.. for the last several years its been crunch time and this year is no exception! In fact, I got a sub for my yoga class ( that i teach every wednesday at Golden Bridge LA) just so I could spend the day working on  the new Friskies collages ( !!!) which is going to be totally fun but for sure not a traditionally halloweeny kind of fun!

So, wherever you are, I hope you have a joyful and safe day filled with treats! 

( and if you are on the east coast and flooded out etc, bless your heart - we are rooting for you! )


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