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New Collection Debut - Shimmering New Landscapes of Possibility !



I feel like this collection created itself through me and it was telling me a story through imagery. This is the unfolding of the magic carried within every rock, every animal, and every pathway through the stars!   Shimmering bright lights and magical elephants leading the way into the new age and the new landscapes of imagination. Old is made new again....and around + round we go!

Crystal Visions Cardholder 

This collage was created with a vintage illustration of an Aurora Borialis. I collaged gemstones into the landscape to create a totally crystalline world. Crystals carry energy in very specific and powerful ways. I love this image because it reminds me of whats usually beneath the surface quietly pulsing! Here it is the landscape itself...

Great Britain Map Cardholder

The Geological Map of Great Britain, one of the most powerful places on earth! For thousands of years the energy of domination has been anchored here. It's been quite a ride. The energies of the earth are alive and shifting all the time, and especially now as we enter into new time streams of possibility! It will be interesting to see the play by play. What an adventure!

Onward Passport Case

The Elephant energy is steady, patient, and incredibly powerful. This animal has a royal projection - the true kind that is felt as a radiant presence of protective power. Our pink elephant traverses a golden vintage map towards all things shining and good!                     Onward!

Travel Light Passport Cover

Lighten up! Let this passport case remind you to travel light in all senses of the word. Overweight bags are expensive, and so are heavy hearts and minds! Let go and relax! Relax! Wherever you are..

Magical Elephant Small Moleskine Notebook

These powerful animals radiate love and can help bring us through any challenge with grace. The butterfly symbolizes transformation and remind us to keep our faith when going through great change and upheaval. The royal elephant brings the energy of patience and good fortune. We are reminded to just keep going and KEEP UP! 

Gems Checkbook Cover

Deep within the earth, rich veins of crystals and gemstones grow silently pulsing their high frequency energy, the vibrations touching all beings on earth through the holographic planetary grid. Even after being mined, cut up and polished, these little emissaries of beauty and light keep shining and sharing the love. This vintage gemstone print is a gorgeous, understated way to show off a little gem love of your own.

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