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Ruth St Denis : Magical Lady


Did you know this Goddess of a woman was a pioneer of modern dance and was born in New Jersey in 1879? I had kind of heard her name growing up but I just really realized her genius in the last few years. She was Martha Grahams teacher ok!? She was big time. She was an artist of exquisite beauty and created such magic with her being. I adore her. 

These photos I've found of her over the years are truly some of the most etherical, mysterious and intoxicating images I have ever seen. I will be forever grateful to this person for leaving a legacy of beauty this potent. Thank you Ruth St. Denis!!!!

this image inspired this collage..

which turned into this cardholder...

It is called "The Sound and The Beauty". My husband named it. It's a collage of the Oregon coast, a ranunculus flower, a plant stem cross section, a phonograph, and the incomparable Ruth St. Denis. My heart sings for all these things! I love merging worlds with my designs.. and I love every kind of beauty. 

What are your favorite beauties? Can you see beauty everywhere? It's there if you want it. 

PS. If it's not available here, it's available here on amazon.

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