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Paid in Full - the best seller's backstory


paid in full checkbook cover design

There is a good story  behind this one. A few years ago my husband and I lived in downtown Los Angeles , not far from the "fashion district" . The fashion district sounds like it would be kind of glamourous but it is not. at all. It's blocks of old stuffed-to-the-gills shops selling everything from sequins to mannequins  and fabrics of all kinds. Its always busy with families and kids and bacon wrapped hot dog vendors and it's always a miracle to find street parking. But back then I lived in walking distance so one day I was strolling around down there and decided to buy some gold polka dot jersey. So I was waiting in line for the lady to come cut my fabric off the bolt and this kid  with his mom was there, bored out of his mind, stamping this "paid" stamp repeatedly all over a receipt. I only really noticed him when he came up and handed me the receipt out of the blue! It took me a minute but I pretty much knew right away that he handed me a piece of gold. I wish I could thank that little guy in person right now because the design has been a best seller for almost 4 years now, especially as a checkbook cover

Whenever I think about this story I remember to just always keep my eyes open because you never know where the next extremely valuable tidbit or lightning bolt of inspiration is going to reveal itself. Every day can be a creative day and every person can reveal something important if you have the eyes to see! 

paid in full checkbook cover

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