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Time to get Real



Soooooo, I've decided to start blogging 5 days a week from now till Christmas. The few months leading up to Dec 25th are our magical crazy busy days when all the ships come in to port, so to speak. We have done so much, way more than ever, in hopes that the 2012 holiday season is a record breaking one. I am going to roll out so much new stuff in the next few weeks its going to blow your mind! New 2012 planners, our new imagery collection, a new necklace collection, new luggage tags, and 5 new gift lines ( insanely cute stuff of all kinds - we are going to be a curated shop here at eleveneleven.net, in addition to purveyors of our own goods).... So please bookmark this blog and check back, ya hear?! Also sign up for our mailing list! and if you want to be really in the loop, like us on Facebook. 

As always, thanks for reading and for supporting small businesses!

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