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I am grateful for Summer



"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart"

Celia Thaxter

I am grateful for my husband Jai Gopal and all his encouragement, hard work , and sacrifice which has allowed my dream business 11:11 to prosper. I am grateful for my production sewer Connie for her extreme attention to detail, amazing attitude and loyalty. I am grateful for the internet for making it possible to make a  real living from a small art based business. I am grateful for YOU, dear reader, and all my customers over the years who have made this dream come alive, cardholder by cardholder! 

I am trying to remember to just be grateful. For everything.  It's so simple and it is such a powerful way to expand what you want more of. 

I am also grateful for the ability to close the laptop and get to the beach. and eat vegan Thai food. Which is what I am about to do. It is Sunday after all!!! I hope you are also going to head out into the sunshine and enjoy these last bits of summer. 


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