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the Bingo Passport Holder story!

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This Bingo Passpost Holder  is one of the first 11:11patterns and still a best selling design! Bingo is a classic game so it's no wonder.. There is so much to love.. and the graphic design of the cards are just perfect. So clearly this is one design I can't exactly take credit for-- but there is a fun back story that I'd like to share with you. 

I went to college in Savannah, Georgia ( SCAD! HOLLA!!) and spring break senior year a bunch of girl friends and I went on a little road trip to visit legendary folk artist Howard Finster's Paradise Garden. That place was one of the coolest most inspiring wonderlands of creativity I ever saw. Howard was a Baptist preacher from Alabama that became extremely inspired by the Lord and had a very original and prolific way of expressing his devotion. He painted over 10,000 pieces in his life time and created a 4 acre sculture garden all expressing his love for his creator and the bible. Totally nutty and TOTALLY awesome. I highly recommend doing a google image search with his name. 

So on the way home from this adventure we stopped in Altanta and played bingo in this totally old school bingo hall. This wasn't a bar that just had bingo, or even a church that did bingo night. This was a BINGO HALL!!! As in , the whole building and every one in it are there for one thing and one thing only!!! BINGO!!! It was straight up rollers in the air , grannys in polka dots,with like 15 bingo cards laid out in front of them. They had holsters for their dabbers. It was so serious. and so awesome. We went and got our cards and our dabbers and got to it. Even though none of us won that night I still feel like it was one of the most profitable nights of my life! After the games ended for the night I went around and picked up everyone's used bingo cards. I left with a huge stack of them. I knew I was going to use them with some kind of collage project but I had no idea that I'd have the success from them that I did! This design above comes from a scan of a bingo card I got that night! GOOD TIMES!! Thanks ladies!

And thanks for reading my bingo  story.. so many of these designs have a really personal tale behind them and it makes me so happy to share it with you... 11:11 is a labor of love and I could not do it without customers and readers like you!


i did not take this pic.. random ladies from the internets.. but its a pretty good approximation..

ok I had to post some Howard Finster pics here! This guy was so great..

his art is RAD!

I want to fearlessly paint my walls like him some day..


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