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New Condom Case Designs Pt2


 Okey dokey so here are the rest of the brand spankin new condom case designs and a little blurb about each one. You did want to know all the juicy details about my divine inspiration for these babies right? right?!?


hahahahahhahah. that is all. 

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These foxes are sexy. It's been decided, I am going to do a whole series of animals with laser beam eyes. and then i am going to make wallpaper out of all the prints. and then i am going to have one milllioonn dollars because everyone is going to love having my laser beam animals all over their walls soooo much. 

Until then, buy my sexy foxes on a condom case! ( also available on cardholders, passport holders + notebooks

Sometimes when I am doing work like quickbooks I have to listen to podcasts to keep from going crazy with boredom. One of my go to podcasts is Dan Savage's Savage Lovecast.  You can get it on Itunes for free. I love Dan's no bullshit style. Its also informed me of so many things that I had never heard of before. Like what a unicorn is. If you are a unicorn, or want to find one , I can think of no better way to advertise this fact than carrying this thing around.

This one is also available in a number of other styles ( like a cardholder , passport holder, and notebook ) but I love it in a condom case because the meaning of the light spectrum takes on so many more dimensions. It's also kind of like a more subtle Gay Pride rainbow flag too right? Love it.


So that completes the full story on my newest 8 condom case designs. You can read the post featuring the first 4 here.  And you can see  the whole 11:11 condom case collection here

One last plug - these things really make great + funny gag type gifts.  And you know what parents- they are a good way to break the ice to your teenager when you need to have the sex talk. I have also heard about customers buying them as bachelor party favors and even baby shower favors!! Can you imagine?! Good if your crew has a sense of humor, which if you have gotten this far in my spiel I am guessing you absolutely do! 

Thanks for reading + thanks for SHOPPING,

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  • I hope you sell a million. The earth needs more condoms and you got them covered!


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