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New Condom Case Designs Pt1


 I am so pleased to show you some of our new condom case designs today and the sordid ( not really) stories behind the new patterns!

Ok, lets start with one of my all time new favorites -- 

This fantastic vintage image and tagline is not something I created, but I feel pretty confident in proclaiming that it is the first time it's been featured on a condom case! Appropriate, right!? I can't quite remember what this original graphic was from, but I believe it had to do with a public service announcement about VD. Pretty perfect for a condom case, no? Check it in the store here.

Ok , next up, Tigers!

These sexy beasts are from a vintage matchbox which I placed in repeat. Not much more to say. But can someone tell me what this word says in Arabic?! ( buy it here!) 


OK. This one makes me really happy. The graphic is vintage and something I can take no credit for of course, but I will take credit for taking this innocent image and placing it on a condom case! haha it takes on a lot of meaning in this new context. That is all.  ( buy!)

I am so glad I finally made a Gay Pride flag condom case! This one has been on my mind forever. There is not much to say about this except that we at 11:11 are proud supporters of Gay Rights ( which are really just basic human rights hello ) and support the right for all people to marry, regardless of sexual orientation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Show your pride and purchase it here!) 

So thats all for now. Thanks for reading Gina.



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  • nice work. about the arabic tiger one you won’t be surprised to know it says (the tiger) :)


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