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9 new designs + the sizzling scoop on each one!


hi there! 

well finally we have new passport covers, cardholders, wallets and notebooks up on this website! All the new stuff can be found here.

i'd like to tell you a little bit about each pattern and where the inspiration came from as i was creating the collection. 



ok i am pretty sure these foxes are the stars of the collection. any creature with laser beams coming out of their eyes is winning. hot pink laser beams ? forget it. i had a lot of fun making this print. they started out as regular old foxes in a children's encyclopedia illustration. then they got the royal 11:11 photoshop treatment. i want to make wallpaper with these guys.

this one is a pure graphic exploration. haha how's that for blogging BS? no really, i don't have an interesting story for this one. i made it because people like planes on their passport cases. i have no idea why. hmm. i do enjoy the clean lines however and i did have fun collaging this and playing with shadows. also the contrails are kind of like reverse laser beams. 

have you heard about all the moon controversy lately? I enjoy conspiracy theories so i am very up to date on moon mysteries. either way, the moon is something we all share, no? every culture has a story about the moon.. i prefer ones about the moons beauty and rabbits and cheese.... but i love reading about how the moon landing was faked and all that too. who knows. what i do know is this passport case is good for all aspiring astronauts and space travelers. 

my dad is an amazing pianist so this one i made with him in mind. i grew up listening to him play classical / jazz/ rock etc etc etc fusion on his heirloom grand piano in our little bungalow house in key west florida. i remember setting up a 'bank' underneath it and cashing checks my parents wrote to cover their debts to my 'shoe shop' ( wherein i sold my parents shoes back to them) . the piano runs deep for me, you see. my dad told me i would regret quitting my piano lessons and he was right. don't even remember how to play chopsticks. sad. but this is happy right?! this is the perfect gift for any musician because the piano is foundational to understanding all other instruments. thats what my dad says. so buy this passport case

i freaking love to think about the vibrations of colors. everything is a frequency. EVERY. THING. this delightful vintage remix pattern is a reminder of this and shows how small the band of actual visible light is within the spectrum of all vibration. there is so much more than meets the eye. personal fav.

this one is a sequel to another very popular dog stamps print. we got those stamps and these at a dusty old shop in a very touristy town in Baja , Mexico. this shop sold tons of old stamps from all over the world, in themed packs. they were not cheap. i had to painfully choose between SO many that were filled with GEMS. i did all right. these guys are very loved. if you have a dog loving person in your life that is going on a trip, buy them this.


so these flags are just handsome. thats all there is to it. i had to collage some of these flags over other less desirable countries, but thats about it. i love the tonal quality of vintage illustrations like this, and that is not BS. i built this business around this love. the colors here are also fab. that light turquoise under all that red and blue national pride? genius. and i can't take any credit for it either. this a good print for the world travelers among you. i am hoping the sale of this passport case will fund my trips to all of these countries. clearly i have a lot of work to do.

i took the photo adorning this passport case outside of the San Francisco ferry building at Fort Mason last summer while we had a booth at the Renegade show there. There was a farmers market happening outside and it was filled with photo worthy gems.. you know that point in the summer when all the fruits are just PERFECT? well thats when this was taken. these were the picture of perfection and delicious too.

i have made half my living from collaging crowns on kittens. so naturally i had to keep the royal kitty series going. this stately dame is the latest in a long line of fabulous bejeweled felines. my personal wish is that some day i am able to take a photo with an actual cat actually wearing a crown, but until then... these will have to do. 


and thats a wrap folks. hopefully you have gotten some valuable insight into the inner workings of the 11:11 accessory empire. i had so much fun with this that i think i am going to start writing about the origins of all our patterns. some have quite a story, others i will just bs about, but either way it makes for entertaining reading , right? now go buy some stuff. thank you in advance! i love you! for real. 


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