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 vintage venus transit

vintage illustration of a venus transit!!

i got this from this guys book on called "the path of beauty" . link to come.

i love this painting of venus with the cherubim. wish i could remember who painted it.

intensely beautiful peonies i bought last week from trader joes. was obsessed with them.

The path of venus in the sky

Today is the Venus transit. I can feel the love and beauty energy being magnified by the suns energy right now. I hope you can feel it too!! Even if you are reading this after the fact, know that there is a lot more love energy available to you and that you just have to CHOOSE to be in harmony with it. 11:11 for me has always been about aligning with the heart frequency. It's new age mumbo jumbo until you start to live it. Every day we wake up and have a choice to live in fear or in love. I think now more than ever the choice is clear and personally I feel like I have to keep choosing love over and over in my daily life. Fear creeps in and it's a choice to roll with that ( to a location i probably don't want to be) or to be like actualllyyy.. I choose to live in love and make my decisions from that space, thanks. SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE that way. and thats Venus for you.. enjoyment of beauty and love...


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  • Sophia : January 27, 2014

    I can’t see what everyone else wrote, but just in case no one told you, “The Birth of Venus,” is by Alexandre Cabanel. Love that piece as well. Check out his other pieces.

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