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holy dooce batman

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Last thursday morning I was in my office packing up a box of treats for a friend and my husband called from the other room " Honey!!! We've been DOOCED!!" I was like, WHAT? I went into his room and saw for myself - what was he talking about? 
I had sent Dooce some samples with a little note to the address she lists on her site sometime last fall. I had heard about the insane amounts of traffic that being featured on her site can bring. I totally hoped and prayed she would write about me and then i forgot about it and moved on to other fish. 

Well it happened on Thursday and it was the biggest blessing!!! If thats how you found our site -- thank you!!! You have been apart of the coolest thing to happen to our little business in a long while! We got about 350 times the traffic in a day than we normally do and tons of orders! Its been so encouraging. THANK YOU DOOCE and thank YOU dear reader.  :))))))))


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