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New collections coming soon!!!



It's going to be my first new collection in a year an a half so you can imagine I'm pretty excited.. I also think, LIKE ALWAYS, that it's my best collection yet.. but I really mean it. I put my heart and soul in to this stuff.. so it's a really personal experience for me to watch these creations go out in to the world. 

To celebrate the launch, we are posting some images of the collections that make up our #1111world over here on instagram. So many categories of designs over the last 12 years to document.. its' a trip to look back and see it all in this way. Makes me real happy. I am so grateful to have your support. Every dollar you spend with us goes towards making an inspiration come to life. It's really a big deal to me -- so THANK YOU !! 

If you haven't already, sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when the new yoga mats, passport cases, notebooks, checkbook covers and card holders go live on tuesday October 20. Sign up here.

All my love!



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