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omg why is my face so large, and other questions.



(photo by my friend Harimander, when we did that fast motion shoot of me making the notebook)

So I've been writing a lot of bios and blurbs lately about myself and my business and quite frankly its nerve wracking! Writing about ones self in the 3rd person and not making ones self sound like a jerk is hard! In related news, a camera crew is coming to my house tommorow to interview me (for this website omg!) and its totally doing my head in. My husband and I are knee deep in holiday preparations for 11:11 and my home and office are well... not pretty. I don't know what to do but just to own it. Own the mess, own the imperfection, and just roll on and represent the best I can. Time to put the perfectionist not-good-enough voice in my head to bed, forever. Hello world! My name is Jamila and I am a messy freak just doin the best I can in the world! Love you! 

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