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11:11 in the movies!



My friend Rachel Gold is a fabulous set designer working on a movie right now in my old high school town Sarasota, FL. The other day she called me up and asked if i had any collages that she could use for background art in the movie, which is a 70's period piece starring Anna Paquin- I forget the name of it right now. Anyhow, I sent her this collage I did a few years ago and her art director loved it and so its going to be blown up big, framed and hung on a cheezy motel wall!!! It is kind of flattering and unflattering all at the same time! No really, I am excited that a little piece of my art can be a part of someone else's art.. I look fwd to seeing this movie now even more -- I was already wanting to see it because A. Rachels set design skillz are mad genius and I want to see her handicraft B. I want to see Sarasota in 70's glory.. I tore that place up when i was a wee lass of 16. Oh man I went insane in that town, repeatedly, the way teenagers do... Mostly good memories though :) Anyhow - I'll keep ya'll posted! Dreams come true in the most interesting of ways...

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