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Happy Halloween!



I found this really interesting article written a few years ago by this amazing activist, writer and Pagan witch named Starhawk. I love her. She wrote a book called "The Fifth Sacred Thing" which I really want to read someday if i ever have time again for those sorts of things. No time because shit is getting real up in the 11:11 holiday headquarters, AKA my living room. I used to go all out on Halloween. One year I even dressed up as a faucet ( complete with a vintage faucet  coming out of my beehive) ( I have a thing for faucets, more on that later) and did all my business meetings in midtown Manhattan like that. I had strangers asking to wash their hands...NO ONE else was dressed up in that part of town... it was so bizarre and so fun! This year its all business for me though. I played so much hooky this summer and I have so much to get done before the holidays really hit that its all work a no play for me today. I hope you have a creative and spooky day though!  and a night full of magic and moonlight! 

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