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Riding the rabbit on the way home from Solstice

These guys saved my brothers life. True heroes.

Lovely courtyard Mary statue in front of the 19th Century Catholic church that we did the yoga training in

Well its been a summer to remember. INTENSE is a good word. First it was the epic Summer Solstice experience in June ... which isn't exactly on topic for this blog but lets just say it was the most radically loving magical real experience this year. Then in July  my brother Rio had to jump from a burning building so we spent our east coast family vacation visiting him in the ICU for 2 weeks in Asheville. He is in the process of a full recovery, but damn if it wasn't harrowing and heart wrenching. and heart expanding and heart healing.. he is amazing.. my family is so special and so strong. I'm beyond grateful. Then in August we went to this Level 2 Kundalini Yoga training in Northern CA - in what they call "Gold Country" , in a sweet old mining town called Grass Valley. The most adorable , beautiful , peaceful and delicious place... EVER! ( Briar Patch Co-op deli sandwich makers! Holla!) When we were in Asheville we were like dang lets move here, but then in Grass Valley we were like DANG LETS MOVE HERE! And the yoga course was beyond words intense and transformational. I would have to write you a poem or an opera to describe it to you and quite frankly I don't have the time because I am too busy preparing to go island hopping in Greece next week!!! What!? Yeah. Don't hate. Lucky stars -  I am counting and thanking each one. And so in between it all I am managing to put out a fabutastic new collection and we are building a NEW 11:11 WEBSITE! YES! Its only been 7 years since I made the last one which is like 70 in computer years. Big changes in 2011, growing , exploring, adventuring, healing  and living in COURAGE and FAITH that if I keep following my truth  with this business and in life that I'll stay in that sweet flow of abundance... Wishing that for you too. Thanks for shopping 11:11 and for stopping by this lil blog!

View from my yoga mat!

My teachers in the golden chain of energy that stretches beyond time.


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  • Jai Gopal: October 08, 2011

    Awesome. Such beautiful stuff as always. xoxo

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