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Hurray for Springtime, Seeds, and Business Plans


Don't fight forces, use them.

Buckminster Fuller

Don't ignore forces, use them.


Hot dog! It feels like spring time finally. Yes I live in Southern California, yes I am spoiled rotten with the weather.. I just love it when its finally warm enough to go sockless, you know? Warm enough to break out the old computer and post a little blog.

I hope that by now in this year of 2011, you have gotten your groove on and have been planting seeds for what you wanna make happen this year. I never used to think of the cyclical nature of business (and were all in some kind of business), in fact, I blatantly resisted conforming to any kind of schedule. For the first 5 years of running 11:11 enterprises I didn't even tune in to what times of year the stores would be looking to buy. I just figured I'd be here when they wanted to talk to me so whatever... well after 2008 when the economy tanked, the rules all changed. It became do or die. Tune in or drop out.. so I tuned in. But not just to the market forces and the man made time tables... While those have their place, what I am really getting at is the importance of tuning in to the cycles of the seasons, of nature.

It is so blind to think we, with our calendars and schedules, are separate from NATURE, in any way. We are all made of the same stuff. I've noticed that I plant the seeds of what I want to have happen in the late winter and early spring, by writing, planning and plotting, and then I nurture those ideas, projects , goals through the year...

Over at 11:11 enterprises HQ, we've been using this potent time to write a business plan!!!!!! It's been MASSIVE. Sitting down to write it each day has been so uncomfortable. But I've been taking it one word at a time, and I'm about the print the finished draft and off it will go to my best financial prospects. To say I'm excited that its nearly done is a huge understatement. The best part is that the process of writing the plan, of figuring out what we REALLY want to DO, has been incredibly valuable and is something I would recommend EVERYONE doing, and not just entrepreneurs either.

I look forward to writing more about the transformation that occurred for me as I wrote the plan, in hopes that it inspires you to write a plan for your self, and your business. In the mean time, get out side, enjoy the sunshine and smell a flower!


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