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8 ways to create an inspired new reality

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( I took this by the side of the road near Joshua Tree, CA yesterday)

I am so glad that winter is officially over. Onward , upward~ Spring is here!  I haven't had much to say lately on this here blog... 2011 has been very challenging so far and has made me feel like I don't know a damn thing about life. And that's fine. My new philosophy is just about having the experience ( whatever it may be) , enjoying what I can, and just ACCEPTING the rest and moving on. Finding the positive current in every situation and riding that to where I want to go. Enough poor me! Enough winter! It's time to bloom ya'll and I intend to make this the most verdant and inspired spring season yet!

I needed a list to remind myself of all my new strategies to stay in the positive column. Since the whole point of this blog is to share my journey as a artist and entrepreneur, I figure it's a good idea that I post that list here! Maybe you can get some use out of it too, add to it, and make it your own . Join me in creating a vibrant new start to the season and the year.

1. OH MY GOD GET OUTSIDE AND BREATHE! Walk fast! Run! Just do it!

2. Eat the colors of the rainbow every day. Think food with life force! Eat for energy!

3.When you feel stressed, drained, fried -  step away from the computer. Stand up and move around. Change the channel.

4. Take care of yourself. Get a manicure, have a spa day. You deserve it. CLICHE BUT TRUE.

5. MAKE TIME for your bliss! Collage, paint, sing , dance. Even just a little bit every day. Make it a priority to get into the creative flow.

6. Get books from the library and get inspired by other peoples stories and point of view. Read.

7. Cleaning your house = blessing your house

8. Keep the big picture in mind especially while you take care of the small every day details.

(my new favorite thing is to create mandalas! so excited about them. more to come)


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  • Jai Gopal: March 21, 2011

    Awesome. Great points. I’ll do them with you! ; )

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