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New York, New York


new york license plate snow

ok so I was in New York last month for the NY International Gift Fair

knit covered bike nyc

I only planned on staying 3 days

baby snow man

but I due to "Snowpocalypse 2011" I was delayed repeatedly and stayed 5 nights! I complained about this but really it was pretty fun.

kmart new york

I walked from the A-C-E train stop at 34th St.  to Javitts every day. On my way there I passed by the K Mart and I got to thinking about how when I first started 11:11 enterprises I would ride my beach cruiser red Schwinn bike to this K Mart  from Brooklyn to get laminate and materials to make the wallets and such. When Urban Outfitters became my first big account in 2005, I was doing it this way-- can you believe that?! So I was walking and thinking about how now I am passing by the K Mart as I go to sell my 11:11 enterprises line at the NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL GIFT FAIR! I mean.. I know its 6 years later and all, and thank GOD I have some success to show for all this time gone by right! But it was just an interesting moment for me of reflection, that I wanted to share with you. Progress happens. Stay true to your dreams. Keep on keepin on. You'll get... somewhere... eventually!

new york bike winter

I used to ride my bike in the snow too. But not this much snow.

fat enterprise chinatown nyc

My last night in town, after I took an amazing class at Golden Bridge NYC, I was so high. I wandered around Chinatown and Little Italy taking pictures and pondering the details of city life and constant change...

I was looking for a grocery store that would still be open. I wanted vegetables! and cheese!

but all I found was more signs and more lights.

It was a good walk home.


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