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THREE HUGE SHOWS this weekend !!

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After the success of Holiday mART last weekend it would have been lovely to bask in the glow of it all, or at least have time to put up pictures, call the raffle winners and thank everyone who made it such a great time. Instead i've been somewhat frantically preparing for 3 huge shows coming up tommorow and the next day - Unique LA, Renegade LA, and Bazarre Bizarre San Francisco! I've never had to create spreadsheets just to keep track of show details and preparations before now. I would have started preparing much sooner for these but we've been busy for months and before that we just didnt have the funds to prepare for something that was so far away.... So thank God my sewer Connie is a rock star and pumped out 800 pieces in 4 days , on top of filling store orders and taking care of Amazon fulfillment. She says her secret is a Mountain Dew IV drip. I am so thankful for this woman.

So anyhow.. I better get back to it, just wanted to share the posters for these 3 events! If you make it out - come say hi! I'll be at Unique LA, my fabulous cousin Ashley Wade will be at Renegade LA, and my dear husband Jai Gopal is heading up to San Francisco to represent at Bazaar Bizarre. Lets do this!



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