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Writing, Balls, and the big Party of Life


Some how writing always gets pushed back to the Siberia of my to do list. Its like that so often with the stuff thats most important, in the big picture. I am changing that! NOW! Tonight. Here. I hereby declare, My name is Jamila, I am a writer, I share my thoughts freely and I let the universe flow through my fingers. I am not afraid. I am showing up. I will continue to show up!

You know how it is though, right? The things you feel most strongly about - the deepest reasons we are put on this earth - just get put off perpetually...till one day you've had enough with the bullshit excuses, and you just do it. You show up for your Life with a capitol L.

I just want to share. "Share to Expand", I wrote in my notebook recently as a reminder to myself. I was invited to give a talk on creativity in business , for the first time ever a few months ago. The experience was so exhilerating for me that afterwards I realized that one of the fastest and most rewarding ways to grow is the have the cojones, the BALLS, to SHARE YOUR SELF. I'm speaking to me, but also to you. If you are holding back, stop! Drop it! Open up and enjoy the party. You know the Party I'm talking about, the big Dance of Life , the eternal Cucaracha. OK? Ok. Get your dancing shoes on. Lets do this. One, Two, Three... GO!]]>

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  • hell yes. I am with ya. Making BOG decisions and loving it. Go you!!!

    Rebecca Sweeney Krokoski

  • I meant BIG (teehee :)

    Rebecca Sweeney Krokoski

  • […] wants to take a nap. Whatever. I’ve been thinking a lot more about writing (ever since my big declaration the other day)and what it takes to be a writer….To the love the process…to be in the […]

    Jamila Starwater

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