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NYC , Land of Infinite Possibility

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New York is a real vortex of total creative action and flow. Personally I like to dip in and out of it rather than live in that swirling rush full time. Just getting oneself from point A to B is a mission requiring a lot of energy.

Luckily this trip was short and sweet and chock full of good times and GREAT people. My first night in town I was invited to a lovely dinner party hosted by Bob Stein and Ashton Applewhite. Bob is a publishing and digital pioneer as well as the founder of the Institute for the Future of the Book and Ashton is one radical lady whose bio is so interesting you should just go read the Wikipedia page for her pen name Blanche Knott.  She makes also makes the best Gazpacho I have EVER. HAD.

I was lucky enough to stay with my old friend from college Greg Brunkalla. Greg keeps real busy with his production company Legs. They are a Milk Group company responsible for some of the freshest video content out there today. Go to the website to see what I am talking about. While I was there a project they did for Target and The Standard Hotel went live, and I nearly fell over it was so awesome. Target rented out the whole side of the Standard that faces High Line park in the Meatpacking district and Greg's team came up the most brilliant light show involving 60 + dancers and some really great music. It was a sight to see and made me giddy like a child it was so fun to watch. I hear the officially cut video of the event will be out soon and I'll be posing it here when I get it.

I also got to be in town for one of my best friend's birthdays - Nina Egli - artist and designer extrordinaire and owner of the delightful and charming jewelry line Toujours Toi and the very elegant, playful and sexy Family Affairs clothing line. Nina and I used to live together in Williamsburg back in 2003 and she is one of the most inspiring people I know. So of course it stands to reason that everyone at her dinner birthday party would be super fun and interesting too. We had a blast. Neither of us drink anymore, so we unconsciously compensated for this by gathering the most insanely delicious desserts together and ate so much sugar we both had sugar hangovers, what DORKS!! times have changed. The next day we met up in the West Village and went to one of the most powerful Kundalini Yoga classes I've been to in a long while. Her favorite teacher Hari Kaur (formerly the director of Golden Bridge NYC) now teaches out of St Johns Lutheran Church on Christopher St. We got so high in her class we we floated out just as the sky was getting pink and all of New York was dashing about in the balmy twilight. Seriously I felt like I had just smoked a joint, except without any paranoia and no of the many reasons why I traded in pot for Kundalini yoga years ago... After wandering about for a while we found this amazing falafel place called Taim. Go there! They take falafel to a whole new level. We ate at the window bar and while eating the most heavenly food the guys behind us broke out into song and the whole scene became a living tableau of a perfect New York summer night. We rounded out the evening with a peanut butter cookie (OMG) from Magnolia Bakery and arrived just in time to see the Standard Hotel show I mentioned above. Fun times!

Of course I actually went to NYC to work, which I know from this post it doesn't sound like I did much of. However , I spent most of my days in NYC in the incredibly large and creatively overwhelming Javits Center at the NY International Gift Fair. I met so many lovely people and got some great new accounts so I'd say it was a success all around... and you can bet I am one grateful lady.



  • Nina: October 07, 2010

    I just read this again and it made me so happy! what perfect moments! love you!

  • Ashton Applewhite: September 16, 2010

    thanks for the shoutout, Jamila. come back soon and bring the mate so I can meet him too.

  • Jamila: September 16, 2010

    sure thing!! best to you Ashton!!! ps still thinking about that soup…gotta make it soon…

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