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My husband and I learned to how fly last week.

We got back late last night from the best vacation ever so I can't feel too bad about the severe jet lag I'm feeling today... or maybe its just hard to get back to work. I seriously feel like my brain got left on the beach. Its probably right next to the pretty sandcastle we made right before we left. God that was magical and so needed I can't even tell you. Being a small business owner means you never stop working, but I managed to not answer my phone for a week and not even check email for 3 whole days! It was a revelation. I must do that more often and I recommend all my fellow email addicts to try it sometime too. I look fwd to really getting into a groove with this here blog and getting back into writing about helpful things... We go to SF for the Renegade show this weekend but after that things should settle a bit ..and then I go to NYC August 15 for the NYIGF (biggest and best gift show on the planet) !! The Seattle Gift show happens that week as well so when I get back the holiday order filling time goes into full swing, but for the first year ever ( in 7 years!) I have an amazing team in place so I'm feeling confident about all of it. In fact I know its going to be the BEST. YEAR. EVER. I hope you feel that way too! Thoughts create reality you know!]]>

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